New Tuition Structure and Financial Aid Options


Hoff-Barthelson Music School has announced a new flexible pricing structure and expanded financial aid program for K-12 and adult students. Taking effect in the 2020-2021 academic year, these changes will enable the School to serve a broader share of the community and expand access to high quality, comprehensive music education in Westchester County.

The changes follow a strategic planning process conducted during the School’s 75th anniversary year. The process, which involved conversations with students, families, faculty, staff and other stake-holders, led Hoff-Barthelson to reaffirm its commitment to its founders’ belief that the joy of music and the skills to perform it should be available to everyone.

“Celebrating our past and planning for our future ultimately reinforced our commitment to our core mission: ensuring that all students, regardless of age, aptitude or economic means, are able to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive music education,” said Executive Director Ken Cole. “The introduction of flexible pricing and expanded financial aid will lower barriers to participation and we look forward to welcoming more students of all ages to the School next fall.”

Revisions to Hoff-Barthelson’s financial aid program are designed to support middle class families not previously eligible for assistance. Likewise, the move away from a one-size-fits-all pricing model to a tiered model tied to one’s level of participation in private lessons, classes and ensembles, provides students greater flexibility to focus on programs of greatest interest from the School’s diverse array of offerings.

“We strongly believe that financial circumstances shouldn’t be a barrier to nurturing one’s talent or enjoyment of music.” says Cole. “With the help of our generous donors, many of whom have experienced first-hand our unparalleled offerings, we’re thrilled to be able to open the door a little wider and welcome more students into Hoff-Barthelson.”


Hoff-Barthelson offers comprehensive music education for students at all stages of development from ages 4 through adult by combining the following elements:

  • Private Lesson Program—Weekly private instruction on more than 20 instruments and voice with regular access to professional accompaniment.
  • Musicianship Program—Weekly classes that deepen and accelerate the learner’s practice, performance, and understanding of music.
  • Performance Program—frequent performance workshop and recital opportunities, as well as opportunities to participate in master classes, an Honors Program, and community concerts, all with professional accompaniment.
  • Ensembles Program—Orchestras, choruses, chamber groups, jazz ensembles, and other instrumental ensembles for a range of ages and levels.
  • Progress Program—Written performance critiques, progress reports, and access to advising from HBMS deans.

Starting with the 2020-21 school year, students may participate in the Comprehensive Program at one of the following tiers, with prices tailored accordingly:

  • Core—private lessons plus one class or ensemble.
  • Full—private lessons plus two classes or ensembles.
  • Extended—private lessons and unlimited classes and ensembles.
  • Suzuki—private lessons, group class, parent classes, and one additional class or ensemble for beginners ages 4 – 7 on violin, viola, cello, flute and piano.

Applications for prospective students interested in enrolling in the fall of 2020 will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all funds have been expended. Because funding is limited, early applications are encouraged.

Factors influencing award decisions include need, commitment, and the contribution a student has/can make to the HBMS community through their participation in the life of the School.

View additional tuition information here.

View additional financial aid information here.


Virginia Hoff and Joyce Barthelson believed that the joy of music and the skills to perform it should be available to everyone. When these two gifted musicians founded Hoff-Barthelson Music School in 1944, they built a legacy that has touched the lives of many thousands: a warm, friendly music school dedicated to the highest standards of education, performance, and community service.

Today, a commitment to creativity, collaboration, and community permeates the School. Students of all ages, aptitudes, and levels of interest—from casual learners to students preparing to pursue careers in music, from 9-month-olds in our Early Childhood Programs to recent retirees returning to music making after decades devoted to pursuing careers and raising children are welcome at the School. At Hoff-Barthelson, students enjoy a supportive, joyful learning environment; a focus on the whole person; exceptional teaching; and a multifaceted curriculum. With a faculty drawn from the region’s most talented teachers and performers, the School has long been one of Westchester County’s most cherished cultural resources.