Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese musician, philosopher and educator, revolutionized music education in the mid-20th century through his observations around how children quickly learn their native language. He posited that the same innate ability could be applied to learning music while a child is still in the early stages of development—and this vision is what led to the renowned Suzuki Method that has been taught throughout the world for decades.

Most central to the Suzuki Method is the belief that music education is as much about developing human potential as it is about musical skill. And we at Hoff-Barthelson Music School couldn’t agree more.

We have created a Suzuki Program that nurtures a 4 to 7-year old’s potential with an emphasis on encouragement, family involvement, and fun!

Our approach is built around sequential steps that take a child from novice to advanced in an unforced timetable that is based on each child’s developmental readiness for learning.

Our Suzuki Program is offered to students in violin, viola, cello, flute, and piano. Our Suzuki Program offers:

  • Individual weekly lessons and group classes
  • Professional accompaniment for practice and performance
  • Weekly musicianship classes
  • Ensembles, including orchestra and chamber music for more advanced students
  • Weekly parent classes for violin and piano
  • Our Progress Program

Suzuki students’ share their progress at recitals in November and May, performances at our HBMS music festivals, and best of all, our annual Suzuki Porch Party, which gives students and their families a chance to socialize and celebrate the year’s accomplishments.

Learn more about our available programs by calling us at 914-723-1169 or request a welcome visit.