Taking a holistic approach to music education, we look beyond training focused on a single instrument and instead seek to instill all aspects of musicianship in our students. We encourage K-12 children to join one of our choirs, orchestras or bands so they may embrace the thrill of performing, as well as participate in our musicianship classes, which are designed to inspire and enhance a student’s understanding of music. A wide range of options are included in our customized, comprehensive sequential programs.

Ensembles, Clubs and Group Instrument Classes

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In addition to deepening our students’ love and appreciation of music, our Ensembles and Clubs foster socialization, a sense of responsibility and teamwork, incentive to practice and work towards a goal, not to mention the satisfaction and accomplishment of a good performance. Students will thrive alongside their peers in age-appropriate groupings, including:

  • Orchestras: Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting your musical journey, there’s a place for everyone in our orchestral family!
    • Hoff-Barthelson is the only community music school in Westchester with a three-tiered orchestral pyramid, culminating in a full symphonic orchestra for high school students at the highest level of technical ability and musical artistry. Students hone their technical skills and musical sensibilities in the Young People’s Symphonette and Chamber Orchestra in preparation for membership in the Festival Orchestra.
  • Choruses: Vocal ensembles that give school-age children the opportunity to develop their vocal talents and enjoy periodic performances throughout the year
  • Instrumental Clubs: Students of varied levels on the same instrument (e.g., flute) play and perform together with the guidance of an experienced teacher to advance their musicianship
  • Jazz Ensembles: A chance to explore improvisation and performance techniques in jazz, rock and other popular styles
  • Chimes and Handbells: A fun, engaging and less demanding way for students to develop ensemble skills while making beautiful music with their peers
  • Group Instrumental Classes: An opportunity for students of piano, violin, cello, flute, guitar, chimes and handbells to learn together with peers
Young girls in purple t shirts playing the viola.

Musicianship Classes

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Musicianship is a key element of learning any instrument. Our musicianship classes provide instruction in areas essential to a student’s musical development, including notation, theory, sight reading, improvisation, composition, music technology, and more. Hybrid classes are available, allowing both online and in-person attendees an equal opportunity for participation. Our musicianship offerings include:

  • Musicianship Program and Classes: 5 sequential, age-appropriate levels that deepen students’ understanding of music

  • Composition Program: Students explore fundamentals of constructing melodies and harmony as well as different instruments and approaches to creating their own music


Hoff-Barthelson’s Musicianship Lab Classes develop and deepen students’ practice, performance, and understanding of music through comprehensive, sequential instruction in music theory and aural skills, state of the art cloud-based learning platforms, and frequent assessment of student progress. The pairing of musicianship classes with private lessons greatly accelerates students’ development.

Musicianship Labs encourage students to learn at their own pace while receiving individual guidance from their instructor. Each class session is divided into three segments: during the first, the instructor presents the focus for the day’s class, reviewing and introducing new material as appropriate; during the second, students work independently at computer stations with frequent instructor support; during the third, the focus shifts to group discussion.

This innovative format blends opportunities for personalized learning, peer learning, and traditional classroom engagement. Rounding out the Musicianship Lab experience are a variety of fun initiatives that recognize student progress and create a vibrant, joyful, and engaging learning environment.

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Composition Students in the Music Tech Lab