“Fabulous school and well-run organization. My son has studied viola here for 5 years.”

“Hoff-Barthelson Music School’s Festival Orchestra is one of the finest high school orchestras in the United States.”

“Best music education one can imagine – 13 years for our son and now his mom is a student too! As he goes off to college, I’ll carry on the family tradition with piano lessons, theory classes and all of those wonderful concerts offered every year!”

“Hoff-Barthelson has teachers who are superb musicians and really devoted to kids, from the little ones who are tentatively playing for the first time to accomplished seniors. The school is devoted not just to education but also to performance and playing in groups, whether in one of three orchestras, an unlimited number of classical ensembles, and jazz and rock bands. Students at Hoff are benefited in many ways…social connections, passion for music, and even college admissions. Our own kids have loved the school and benefited greatly.”

“I was here as a kid, and now as an adult… I’ve seen so many talented kids go through this really awesome school over the years and really get inspired as well as a top-notch education…. It’s an exceptional school, not only with invested teachers, but also with a warm and integrated artistic community…. Great for kids, adults, new or well-seasoned musicians.”

“At the Summer Arts Program my kids grew as young musicians and as people. it was a great introduction to a new instrument.”

“The Summer Arts Program provides a warm and welcoming environment that is both familiar from summer to summer and manages to provide new challenges from year to year.”

“Hoff-Barthelson has really talented and committed students, and being in that environment is extremely beneficial to my daughter’s level of playing and confidence.”

“Our child’s needs and interests were assessed very well; as a result, he has always been placed in the right classes with very talented teachers who are the right fit.”

“The music theory classes are excellent, and the performance opportunities are abundant.”

“My children have been students for 20 years because of the quality of the education, strength of the leadership, and the breadth of offerings that create a sense of community.”

“We went to an Open House when our first child was 2 and never left. He was enthralled, and we noticed how comfortable and nurturing the environment was for the children and the parents.”

“We chose the school because of the talented and esteemed faculty, frequent performance opportunities, and broad range of course offerings. HBMS fully deserves its reputation as a premier music school.”

“My children are not great musicians, but I hoped that being in an environment where they are surrounded by people—students and teachers—who loved music would inspire them. It has.”

“Hoff-Barthelson provides an all-encompassing musical environment, not just isolated music lessons.”