Experience the thrill of orchestral music with our dynamic program tailored for young musicians. From budding beginners to seasoned high school virtuosos, we offer a comprehensive journey through the world of orchestral performance.

Our unique three-tiered orchestral pyramid sets us apart as the premier community music school in Westchester. Starting with our Young People’s Symphonette, designed for string players in grades 2-5, students embark on a path of musical discovery. Led by the esteemed conductor Robert Schwartz, this beginning string orchestra lays the foundation for technical proficiency and ensemble playing.

Student Orchestra with Male Conductor

As students progress, they advance to our Chamber Orchestra, an intermediate ensemble tailored for string players in grades 6-10. Here, under the guidance of Maestro Schwartz, musicians refine their skills and deepen their musical understanding in preparation for the ultimate challenge: our audition-only Festival Orchestra.

Whether your child is a budding virtuoso or just beginning their musical journey, there’s a place for everyone in Hoff-Barthelson’s orchestral family!

The Festival Orchestra, represents the pinnacle of achievement in our program, showcasing the highest level of technical ability and musical artistry among high school students. Through rigorous rehearsals and captivating performances, members of this prestigious ensemble experience the full spectrum of orchestral excellence.

At every level, our students not only refine their technical prowess and musical sensibilities but also foster lasting friendships and enjoy a vibrant social atmosphere. With 15 rehearsals per semester and three annual performances, our orchestral program offers an enriching and fulfilling experience for young musicians of all ages and abilities.

Join us at Hoff-Barthelson and embark on a musical journey like no other. Let the power of orchestral music inspire and elevate your passion for performance.

Learn more about our Orchestra Program or schedule a placement audition by calling us at 914-723-1169 or emailing us here.