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Discover the magic of small ensemble performance with Hoff-Barthelson’s celebrated Chamber Music Program. Open to students of all ages and skill levels, our program, under the expert guidance of Chamber Music Director Laura Giannini, with Tomoko Uchino coordinating the Piano Ensemble and Rie Matsumoto overseeing Adult Chamber Music, is dedicated to nurturing musical growth through personalized coaching and abundant performance opportunities.

Immerse yourself in a supportive, collaborative environment where you can develop your technical skills, elevate your musicality, and master the art of ensemble playing, all while building lasting friendships and developing a profound appreciation for the beauty of chamber music.

Pre-College (K-12) Chamber Music Program

Our Pre-College Chamber Music Program is an exceptional opportunity for intermediate and advanced instrumentalists and pianists. This inspiring program includes 24 engaging coaching sessions, along with a variety of exciting performance opportunities.

Students thrive in a dynamic musical community that values dedication, commitment, and attendance. Through personalized coaching and frequent performance opportunities, young musicians develop their skills and revel in the joy of making music together.

Chamber Music and Piano Ensemble Placement Meetings will be held on September 4 and 5, 2024, between 3:00-9:00 pm.

All students are placed in ensembles based on age, ability, and availability. Placement meetings include a brief student performance for the placement meeting faculty panel (typically 3 faculty members). Students should prepare up to 5 minutes of a solo piece that best demonstrates their level of ability. Students playing at NYSSMA level 4-6 should prepare two contrasting pieces or movements. Performances will be unaccompanied. No scales are required.

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Piano Ensemble Division

The Piano Ensemble Program, an essential part of our Chamber Music Program, is designed for intermediate to advanced piano students eager to enhance their ensemble and sight-reading skills. This dynamic program offers a unique opportunity to experience the joy of making music collaboratively, fostering both social connections and emotional growth. Our ensembles rehearse in our state-of-the-art piano lab, complemented by facilities equipped with acoustic pianos for a rich and varied musical experience. Whether new to chamber music or a returning student with advanced abilities, the Piano Ensemble Program provides an inspiring environment to grow and thrive as a musician.

Learn more about our Piano Ensemble Division by calling us at 914-723-1169 or emailing us here.

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Adult Chamber Music Program

Unlock your musical potential with our Adult Chamber Music Program, designed for intermediate and advanced players. Whether you prefer to play in a duo, trio, quartet, or larger ensemble, you’ll enjoy 20 weeks (10 weeks per semester) of enriching rehearsals, culminating in multiple exciting performance opportunities. Chamber groups are carefully formed based on each student’s skill level, ensuring a harmonious and rewarding experience. You can suggest your ensemble partners or join with your pre-formed group. Be part of a vibrant community where your passion for music will flourish.

Learn more about our Adult Chamber Music Program or schedule a placement audition by calling us at 914-723-1169 or emailing us here.

Learn more about our Chamber Music Program by calling us at 914-723-1169 or emailing us here.