“We love Hoff-Barthelson. My 9 year old has been attending private piano lessons and group voice lessons for 2 years here. We are thrilled with her progress. Teachers are kind and caring. Office staff is kind and get to know everyone. There are numerous performance opportunities for students to take advantage of at HB. Informal recitals helped my shy girl prepare and feel confident in her first piano performance. Her confidence has increased and I’m very impressed by how all students walk onto the stage.

HB also does a great job at bringing talented performers both inside and outside of the school to its students. Friday night faculty performances are a true joy. There is typically a guest performer invited to perform alongside the amazing talent of HB’s very own faculty. We look forward to participating in other opportunities in the future as there are many. This is truly an enriching experience for any musician. We are thrilled to be part of the HB family.”