Photo exhibit reveals how Hoff-Barthelson’s headquarters evolved over the decades

“School Lane is mostly residential. But a large, white building near its intersection with Popham Road — No. 25, to be exact — doesn’t resemble the surrounding houses. It’s the home of Hoff-Barthelson Music School, which for a half century has turned out pianists, violinists and many other -ists from this locale.

Hoff may seem like it’s been there forever, but that’s not true: The building was around for 66 years before the first tuba-toting child walked through its doors. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to catch a glimpse of its past? Now you can, simply by walking into the lobby from Monday to Friday during operating hours. There, you’ll find nine photos that show what the building used to look like, as well as how people used it.”

Read the article in The Scarsdale Inquirer by Deborah Skolnik, November 7, 2022