Adult Program

  • Private Instruction
  • Courses

  • A rich array of private lessons, courses, seminars and performance groups provide opportunities for adult students to discover new talents and interests or to hone existing skills.

    Private Instruction
    A Senior Citizen discount of 12% is offered to adults 65 and over who enroll in private lessons. All instruments and voice. Placement interview required.

    • Chamber Music
      Open enrollment.
      For all levels of ability; placement with peers on the same technical level.

    • Musicianship Classes
      Musicianship I, II, III
      No charge for students enrolled in private lessons.
      14 sessions per semester.

    • Chime In!
      Make music with beautiful bell-like tone chimes.
      30 sessions.

    • HB Chorus Class
      For adults who love to sing; exploration of choral literature.
      30 sessions.

    • ElderRhythmics
      Dalcroze for the Older Adult: An approach to learning music concepts through movement.
      14 sessions per semester.

    • Flute Program
      Flute 101 - Introductory flute class for beginners.
      Flute 201 - Intermediate level group class.
      Flute Ensembles - An exploration of repertoire for flute duos, trios and more.
      Flute Choir.
      All levels welcome. Explore flute repertoire.
      14 sessions per semester.

    • Jazz Improvisation Musicianship
      Rudiments of freestyle jazz improvisation.
      30 sessions.
    • Jazz Improvisational Ensemble
      “Solo” and improvise in small combos.
      30 sessions.
    Adult Musicales
    Repertoire recitals by students of all levels.

    Informal Performance Workshop
    Relaxed, supportive environment for sharing performances; For students of beginning and intermediate levels.