Suzuki Program

For beginning 4- to 7-year olds studying violin, viola, cello, flute, or piano, the Suzuki Method is based on the idea that any young child can begin to play an instrument if the learning steps are small enough and the instrument is scaled down to fit the body.

Like all programs at Hoff-Barthelson, our Suzuki Program follows a sequential, multi-tiered approach that takes students from novice to advanced player. The program combines listening, proper technique and posture, positive reinforcement, and active parental involvement. Suzuki students begin to read music at about age 6, after they have mastered proper posture and developed sensitivity to listening. Parents of string students may attend their own instrumental classes during their children’s musicianship classes.

Each violin, viola, and cello student has a weekly private lesson and group class along with unlimited access to all of the school’s non-Suzuki musicianship classes and ensembles. Professional accompaniment for practice and performance is always available. We offer many formal and informal performance opportunities throughout the year. Students may join ensembles when they have achieved the necessary level of proficiency.

Because we take great care to assess each child’s particular interests and needs before assigning teachers and classes, the first step for interested families is to request a placement interview. This interview is not an audition, but a welcoming introduction to Hoff-Barthelson’s individualized approach to music education.