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K-12 Program

The Journey of Musical Growth

Hoff-Barthelson is committed to uncompromising standards of a comprehensive musical education for everyone. Students, parents, faculty and administration strive for excellence while sharing the joys of musical accomplishment. The interaction of our young students with their teachers and peers is a significant facet of their development as musicians and as people.

Students embark upon a journey of musical growth under the guidance of our distinguished faculty, and are encouraged to explore their musical ideas, tastes, and potential in a familial setting of friendship and support. Just as a cherished family heirloom is lovingly passed from parent to children, we seek to nurture the love of music in our students as a treasured gift from generation to generation.

Private Instruction, Musicianship Classes, Performance Opportunities
The Hoff-Barthelson core curriculum

Students enrolled in private lessons are encouraged to participate in musicianship classes, ensembles and performance opportunities at no additional fee.
  • 32 annual Private Lessons
    All instruments and voice
    • classical
    • jazz

      Students are carefully matched with the appropriate faculty member after an interview with the School Executive Director or Dean

    30 annual Musicianship Classes
    A sequential, comprehensive program of training that promotes music literacy through sight-singing, ear-training and dictation, notation, eurhythmics, composition and analysis of musical form. Students are placed according to age and level of advancement.

    Basic Musicianship
           Beginning, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced
    Composition and Analysis
           The Music School has a collaborative relationship with the Aaron Copland House composers.
    Vocal Ensembles
    Ear Training
    Chime Time
    Advanced Placement Prep Theory
    Advanced Placement Theory
    Music Technology Lab
    Introduction to Music Theory
    Music History

  • Performance Opportunities for all Ages

    Solo Performance
    Student Recitals, Informals and Teenage Workshops, Honors Program Recitals, Repertoire Recitals, Festivals in Style, Master Classes, Family Concerts, Community Outreach Concerts.

    Chamber Ensembles and the HBMS Orchestral Pyramid
    The joy of music-making is an experience to be shared with one's peers throughout a lifetime. Students are encouraged to join one or more performing groups from their very earliest stages of proficiency.

    Chamber Ensembles

            Chamber Music duos, trios, quartets and quintets

            Three Choirs

            Jazz Improvisation Ensembles

    The HBMS Orchestral Pyramid
    Hoff-Barthelson is the only community music school in Westchester County with a four-tiered orchestral training pyramid:

            Young People's Symphonette: elementary school string players

            Chamber Orchestra: string players in junior high school

            Wind Ensemble: wind players in junior and senior high school

            Festival Orchestra: full symphonic orchestra for high school students at the highest level
            of technical ability and musical artistry. By audition only.

    Instrumental Clubs
    Weekly opportunities for students to play together under the guidance of an HB faculty member.
    Brass * Flute * Junior Flutes * Viola

  • Honors Program
    For gifted and committed students. By audition only.

    An Honors Certificate is awarded annually and a special Graduation Award is presented at the Graduation Recital.

    The Honors Program has produced prize-winning performers in national and international competitions. Successful participation in this rigorous program is often beneficial in the college application process.

            Specific Musicianship Courses
            Chamber Music
            Orchestra or Chorus
            A short Recital at the conclusion of each semester for a faculty jury
            Attendance at one professional performance annually

    Graduation Certificate
    For committed students. An HBMS Graduation Certificate is issued upon completion.

            Required courses in musicianship, composition, music history
            Ensemble work
            A demonstrated ability to analyze and perform examples from each significant period of music literature
            Graduation Recital

    Community Outreach
    Hoff-Barthelson outreach brings student musicians to senior citizens, children and the disabled throughout the community through RING concerts, performances at Blythedale Children's Hospital, retirement facilities, and Arts-In-Education programs.